Sunday, December 9, 2012


Some time last year (2011), while traveling in the Florida Everglades, we happened upon a couple along a mostly uninhabited gravel road.  They seemed to be looking into the roadside ditch.  Nosey as we are, we stopped to check about "what's up".

Turns out, they were volunteers for the Forest Service checking on alligators and poachers.  As volunteers, they explained to us, they received their campsite free and the use of a government pickup to do their job.  Basically they spent the winter in Florida for free.

Ha! we said, we can do that.  So, how and in what manner do we get involved.  We soon found "Workampers".  RV owners who travel the country either volunteering or working as they travel and see the country.  There are many different groups who write about and cater to these groups.  We settled on a company called "WORKAMPER NEWS'.  Their website is probably the most comprehensive, helpful and useful site available. has a service that makes it easy for employers and workampers to communicate (a job hotline).  Check it ....

Next....more catch-up....we've got a what?

Get the little things right, and........

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