Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well earlier you got a view of what happened in Ohio.  We got a 5th wheel.  Let me tell you that story.

We went north to visit MA's sisters.  All three are within a few miles of each other, so visiting is easy.  One day all the girls decided to go shopping.  No guys around, so DB decided to go do a guy thing.  Why not see if  he can find a RV dealership.  Sure enough (as luck would have it) there were two dealers within reasonable driving distance.  First place had a half dozen units that the sales person thought I'd like (I wasn't even sure what I liked), besides, I was only LOOKING.  So I climbed in and out of several units, found some good and bad layouts and satisfied I had fed my guy thing, I headed home.

A few miles down the road, what!!....another camper place.  So, why not just pull in and LOOK some more. This place says they have three units to show me.  It's cold so we hurriedly found two of the three. Back inside asking where the third unit was, the sales manager says "that unit just got traded in and is still in the parking lot".   You guessed it...the exact same model we saw at the Atlanta RV show, one year old, barely used, and  priced just for us.

I found it, now what?  MA needs to see it, she's somewhere else.  So I told salesman, "I'll get back to him".  You wouldn't be surprised would you if I said when she got home from shopping, and I told her about my amazing discovery she said,  NO WAY!!!  Now what?

Well, we returned to Chattanooga and talked about it for a while.  Finally DB convinced MA we should get some pictures from the dealer. Emailed pictures arrive and they are just as expected.  After much talk and consideration we decide to make the plung into RV ownership.  So, we call and eventually purchase the attached.

Get the little things right, and.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Workamper....Idea...Implement....Investigate.  Now What?  Where do we start?  The next week Atlanta has a RV show.  OK, let's just go "look".  That means you're just a "little" committed.  We looked at campers, campers, and more campers.  Learned or thought we learned what we needed to suit our life style.  MAB wanted a unit with a rear kitchen, but it had to have plenty of windows.  DB said we should get a 5th wheel which would fit our pickup.  It had to weigh only so much and needed a special kind of hitch.  And...what would you imagine happened?  Found just the perfect unit.  Huh!  Way out of our price range.

OK, that decided, we wandered over to the accessories area.  This club, that club.  This kind of insurance, that kind.  You know what I mean.  So we came home with a bag full of "stuff".  Armed now with enough ammunition to really get us into trouble, we ruminated for a while. 

Then came a trip to

Get the little things right, and.....

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Some time last year (2011), while traveling in the Florida Everglades, we happened upon a couple along a mostly uninhabited gravel road.  They seemed to be looking into the roadside ditch.  Nosey as we are, we stopped to check about "what's up".

Turns out, they were volunteers for the Forest Service checking on alligators and poachers.  As volunteers, they explained to us, they received their campsite free and the use of a government pickup to do their job.  Basically they spent the winter in Florida for free.

Ha! we said, we can do that.  So, how and in what manner do we get involved.  We soon found "Workampers".  RV owners who travel the country either volunteering or working as they travel and see the country.  There are many different groups who write about and cater to these groups.  We settled on a company called "WORKAMPER NEWS'.  Their website is probably the most comprehensive, helpful and useful site available. has a service that makes it easy for employers and workampers to communicate (a job hotline).  Check it ....

Next....more catch-up....we've got a what?

Get the little things right, and........