Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Workamper....Idea...Implement....Investigate.  Now What?  Where do we start?  The next week Atlanta has a RV show.  OK, let's just go "look".  That means you're just a "little" committed.  We looked at campers, campers, and more campers.  Learned or thought we learned what we needed to suit our life style.  MAB wanted a unit with a rear kitchen, but it had to have plenty of windows.  DB said we should get a 5th wheel which would fit our pickup.  It had to weigh only so much and needed a special kind of hitch.  And...what would you imagine happened?  Found just the perfect unit.  Huh!  Way out of our price range.

OK, that decided, we wandered over to the accessories area.  This club, that club.  This kind of insurance, that kind.  You know what I mean.  So we came home with a bag full of "stuff".  Armed now with enough ammunition to really get us into trouble, we ruminated for a while. 

Then came a trip to Ohio...next

Get the little things right, and.....

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